Welcome to Treetops Pre-school

“Helping your child to grow!”

We passionately believe that it is vital for adults in the group to spend quality time with the children – listening, talking, watching, suggesting and working alongside children as they involve themselves in their chosen play. Your child’s experience with us starts with what they enjoy, what intrigues them and what motivates them! In order to provide your child with the freedom to learn about what they like, we ensure that we permanently offer a range of activities including sand and water, messy activities, construction, role play, imaginative play and mark making. These are always on offer during free-play, both indoors and outdoors, which we carefully plan to be inviting and fun!

Our Vision

We offer high quality education, childcare, family involvement and adult learning in a supportive, caring and secure environment in which everyone is valued.

•Value and respect all individuals.
•Celebratedifferences and similarities between people and cultures.
•Have fun working and planningour play together.
•Develop listening and communication skills to become confident communicators.
•Create a life long love of learning through a broad and balanced curriculum.
•Provide services for children families and the local community.
•Learn to be healthy active and safe.
•Develop good manners and appropriate behaviour.
•Build on strengths.
•Motivate children to do their best and fulfil their potential.
•Develop imagination, exploration, investigation, and independent thinking.

Our Aims

At Treetops Pre-school we aim to provide the best for each individual and their family. We believe children learn best through play and aim to provide an environment that supports high quality play opportunities.

Philosophy of Care

We aim to provide a caring, supportive and interesting environment for each child and provide individualised development and learning plans. These are of the utmost importance to create stability, maintain continuity and provide a good balance between flexible and structured routines, in which every child can grow and flourish.

We aim to provide a relaxed, informal and friendly environment where children feel safe and happy.