Places at Treetops Pre-school.

Where the real journey begins!

We take children from 2.5 years old until they are due to go to ‘Big School’.

We are funded by KCC and offer term-time only places. We offer non-funded, Free for 2, Universal funding and the 30hour Free Entitlement places at Treetops within two classes.

The Conker Class offers 25 places per session from the age of 2.5 years old.

The Acorn Class offers 8 places per session for children with more complex needs including Autism, Global Developmental Delay, Physical Disability and Hearing and Visual Impairments.

We offer places for children with Special Educational Needs and have knowledge and experience of how additional funding can be applied for and used to make a difference to children’s development. We can provide joint placements for children who have severe and complex needs. Come and meet our experienced SENCo to discuss your child.

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